Law enforcement officers out in full force to prevent pedestrian collisions on Spain’s Costa del Sol

Fuengirola's Police order locals to follow blue arrows and walk on the right side of the road to avoid congestion and collisions.

This evening, law enforcement officers have been called out to help prevent pedestrian collisions on Costa del Sol’s Fuengirola beach promenades.

EARLIER this week, Fuengirola Town Hall introduced new blue arrow footpath markings encouraging people to walk in one direction, depending on which side of the road/path they are on, to help ease congestion during timetabled outings.

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However, it seems that the locals are completely oblivious to the new blue arrow signs and the promenades continued to be overcrowded and chaotic this weekend. So the local police were called out to help prevent pedestrian collisions. They used tannoys to order the public to walk/run in the right direction as indicated by the footpath markings.

The Local Town Hall is considering bringing in extra reinforcement over the coming days to police lockdown outings and help ease congestion on the beach and promenade areas.


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