I cannot personally join in the condemnation and leftie gloating over the British governments handling of the PPE dilemma.
With the growing pressure and need for more and more supplies, it is plainly obvious that ministers have been searching far and wide for ways of obtaining these lifesaving pieces of equipment. After all, who would have thought that Turkey of all places would have some means of producing vast amounts of these vital medical items? A number of otherc ountries in the world, seeing a chance of quick profit, have turned their hand to manufacturing these supplies, is it no wonder that much of it is inferior or not fit for purpose?

The most despicable country of all of course is China. With its vast ‘robot’ manufacturing capabilities, the Chinese are pouring all their efforts into churning out as much PPE and breathing equipment as possible. Millions of tons are being manufactured from their factories, many of which are springing up virtually overnight. They are hawking their products around the world and, according to reports, ‘customers’ are being given 15 minutes to make decisions on millions of pounds worth of goods or else it gets offered to someone else! This is a disgraceful state of affairs. It’s almost a take it or leave it scenario.

And what about the moral issues? The country responsible for the whole debacle is making billions from the victims of their actions. That’s like demolishing someone’s house without their permission and charging the owners for rebuilding. What they should be doing is donating all their products free of charge. At least this would go some way to making amends for this scourge of death and misery they have released on the world. Well don’t hold your breath for that scenario; they’re to busy making sure they’re all firmly on board before the world’s economy ‘gangplank’ plunges into the water.


Five weeks ago I wrote that the ethnic areas of the UK cities weren’t taking a blind bit of notice of the Governments advice for social distancing or staying indoors. Mosques were still open and some Imams were telling their followers the virus was ‘not their problem’ and was ‘Allah’s revenge on the Infidel’. I said at the time that when they began to drop like flies, it would be a whole different story. Well it’s happened hasn’t it? It is now being reported that those from ethnic communities have up to four times the chance of dying from the virus than their white counter parts.

They actually are trying to insinuate that this disease has some kind of racist connotations! What a load of old codswallop. The only reason there are more people dying from the ethnic communities is because the majority consider themselves totally alien from the rules and regulations that govern the country they live in. End of. I do not of course include those from these communities working in the front lines. These are the givers. Unfortunately they are a very small percentage of their compatriots.

Keep the faith


  1. Jonathan Whittingham there is none so blind as those who cannot see, none so deaf as those who will not hear and none so stupid as those who will not learn. sadly I would suggest you fall into this category.

  2. When the virus broke out in Wuhan, the Chinese authorities shut down their manufacturing plants along with putting in place stringent lockdown on the general population. As a result they were unable to produce masks, etc. They appealed for help from the global community and many responded by sending supplies, including the UK. Once they got back to production they have made it a policy to return the favor and it is a matter of fact that rather than try to profit from this practice as suggested by Leapy Lee, they have been donating masses of supplies world wide. They have further recognized that their production standards were poor and have publicly committed to addressing this and their Government message has been that they recognize that the profit motive in these circumstances is inappropriate. Ignorant attacks on them does not help global co operation.


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