Baffled Brit Boozers on Spain’s Costa del Sol haven’t an idea where to get a pint from on Monday in Fuengirola

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Alan and Sue in their normal pose-they wanted to know where to get a pint from on Monday

BARS and Restaurants on the Costa del Sol will open their doors to paying customers on Monday but as a couple of local ‘drink-a-holics’ have asked -“where can we get a pint from?” #fuengirola #spain #costadelsol 

Alan Campbell and his drinking buddy Sue Holmes are two local ‘Celebrities’ that have been keeping the bars of Fuengirola afloat for years, they are the backbone of the local drinking community and, according to Alan, they are going to “destroy it” on Monday!

Until Alan contacted me I had no idea myself what time on Monday bars will open that could serve up a ‘cold-one’ to the dynamic duo. It turns out that bars will most likely open early and stay open until late and the reason is it allows them to serve customers in the different age groups as stated in Phase 1 of the emergency lockdown.

Alan said: “We have saved up a lot of money for Monday, it’s going to be a cracker, I think we will start off in Carvajal and do a pub crawl to the bottom of the town, by the castle.”


Partner Sue chipped in: “The plan is to stop for a good old full-English followed by a pint of anything, I don’t mind as long as it’s cold and wet, it’s been so long I don’t care!” Alan and Sue explained they normally earn money cleaning apartments, but the work dried up as holidaymakers were prevented from coming to Spain.

If you do spot them on their travels please say “hi” from me, as soon as they realise there is no football on in the sports bars there’s gonna be trouble! 🙂

#fuengirola #spain #costadelsol 




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