Spanish Hotels Will See Some Major Changes Once they are Allowed to Open their Doors

Say goodbye to breakfast buffets Credit: Maria Victoria Rodriguez flickr

MANUEL VEGAS, President of the Spanish Association of Hotel Directors (AEDH) predicts that as hotels try to return to normal once allowed to reopen, there will have to be some major changes in the way they operate.

Firstly, the concept of a breakfast buffet will have to disappear as it would be impossible to observe social distancing and the old-fashioned continental breakfast will make a return with many travellers deciding to eat in their rooms.

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Generally, food will become less ‘fussy’ with fewer fusion foods which require a lot of preparation and more staple foods.

Next to change will be reception and wherever possible and affordable, he expects to see online registration and digital keys on mobile phones to allow access to rooms.

Cleaning will be another area which will have to be changed, with rooms disinfected and bed linen supplied in individual packaging rather than ‘en masse’ by laundries.

Hoteliers are used to adapting rapidly to change and as more is known about the virus then they will be able to determine the best way to offer a safe environment to guests.

The main problem however could be working out how to balance the overall service so that it appeals to holidaymakers and business visitors without appearing to be too harsh or restrictive.

Before any of this can happen however, hotels need to reopen and see guests arriving not just from Spain but from all of the world.


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