Social distancing could leave ‘love seats’ empty on Spain’s Costa Almeria

COMMUNICATION: The idea is to encourage face-to-face conversation CREDIT: Francisco Torrecillas Sanchez Facebook

ALBOX council has unveiled what might seem a curious addition to the town’s streets in the ‘new normal’ age of social distancing, so-called ‘love seats’.

Designed so two people sitting are looking at each other, the council’s aim with the initiative is to encourage face-to-face conversation and better social relationships between local residents.

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The original idea for the seating dates back to before the coronavirus crisis however.

Albox Mayor Francisco Torrecillas told Spanish press he’d seen them on a trip to Mexico, liked them, and thought Albox could have the same, not only as a way of encouraging communication in person, but because there is a romantic touch to the concept too.

For now 10 of the seats have been installed in various locations around the town, with plans for more in the future, depending on the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic.


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