SHOCKING SCENES: Two men are knocked out in brutal brawl which led to two arrests in Spain’s A Coruña

BODY FOUND: The victim was last seen seven days ago. CREDIT: Policia Nacional @PoliciaNacional (FILE)

A shocking video shared on social media shows a brutal attack which saw two men knocked out and led to two arrests in A Coruña, Spain.

SEVEN police cars and an ambulance were called to a street fight between several people which took place in the Plaza del Humor, though what caused it is still unknown.

Seven patrol cars from the National and Local Police, and an 061 ambulance, attended the scene, according to La Voz de Galicia.

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Witnesses recorded the altercation on Wednesday and have since shared it.

The clip doesn’t show the scenes unfold but a wounded man can be seen lying on the floor at the door of an establishment, while one of the attackers shouts “I take your life” before beating another man unconscious.

According to sources, five Local and two National Police patrols were despatched, along with an ambulance, and two arrests were made while the two injured men are assisted by health workers.

Police sources confirmed an investigation is still underway and that “at least one of the victims had to receive hospital assistance.”


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