Mercadonas Across Spain Begin Selling Face Masks: All You Need to Know

INVESTMENT: Mercadona is opening new stores and refurbishing established supermarkets. CREDIT: Mercadona Facebook

From yesterday, Thursday May 14, Mercadona has begun selling non-reusable hygienic face masks in all of its outlets across the nation to help supply the demand of its clients, who have been in need of face masks since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis.

THESE face masks are sold in packets of 10 units and will be marked at €6 per pack as part of its own Deliplus brand.

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Mercadona has joined the likes of its competitors, Carrefour, DIA and Lidl to offer this essential item during the health crisis and begin the commercialisation of face masks.

On the other hand, Mercadona recommends that people who are part of the more vulnerable risk group, such as the elderly or those with previous pathologies, do not come to do the shopping.

Furthermore, another recommendation is for shoppers to come unaccompanied rather than in groups or with your family, as well as using your card to pay at the end.

The supermarket chain has also established a new timetable which prioritises opening hours for elderly people, individuals with reduced capacity, pregnant women, medical professionals, security forces, fire fighters or social security workers.


  1. Hi, all that is great, but you don’t give any time when the emergency workers etc. will be allowed to shop. I don’t want to turn up at, say 9am and find that i have to wait until 12 before I can do the shopping. I have looked on Mercadona’s site and it doesn’t say a thing about this.


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