WATCH: Carboneras-based immigrant traffickers busted on Spain’s Costa Almeria

SIEZED: The Guardia intercepted four boats on the high seas and five along the coast CREDIT: Guardia Civil

GUARDIA Civil have made 11 arrests in an operation to uncover a Carboneras-based criminal network illegally trafficking immigrants from Algeria to Spain.

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The Guardia said the organisation had brought over 126 immigrants in just two days.

The boats they used lacked any kind of safety measures and had on board too many people, among them children, pregnant women and one person with a disability.

According to the Guardia the now dismantled organisation had a very similar structure to those they had identified in other groups dedicated to people trafficking between the North African nation and Spain.

The branch based in the city of Oran and nearby areas lured Algerians with the offer of making the sea crossing in return for cash. The Almeria province branch was responsible for receiving the boats reaching the shore on beaches in Nijar, Carboneras and Mojacar.

The immigrants on board were then transferred to other parts of Spain or other EU countries.

The Guardia seized nine boasts used by the gang, four out on the high seas and five along the coast.

The 11 detainees faces charges of people trafficking and membership of a criminal group.


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