Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca bar and restaurant owners need to know new ERTE rules

Are Costa del Sol restaurant and bars ready for a potential stampede on Monday? CREDIT: Wikimedia

Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca bar and restaurant owners need to know ERTE rules which allow reopening with limited staff.

BUSINESSES in the hospitality industry have said they are not opening their doors in Phase 1 of de-escalation because they will have to pull staff in off ERTE, taking all employees back.

Under the old ERTE rules, if bar and restaurant owners brought back staff, they feared they would have to reinstate them all. And many owners have been reported as saying they can’t afford to reopen as it would be too costly to have all waiters, chefs and other employees back on the payroll with capacity restrictions as they are.

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But owners can run their business themselves or staff can be brought back one at a time until things are back to normal.


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On hearing the news, Phillip Watkins, who has a bar restaurant in Orba, Alicante, said: “I was really shocked when I saw the regulations have changed.

“I had no plans to open up until this is all over, thinking I had to bring back all of my staff. But I checked, and it’s not the case.

“I’m going to open with a waiter and chef, and my wife Maria and I will run the business until things improve.”

Phillip added: “Other bar and restaurant owners need to understand these changes because it hasn’t been publicised everywhere. This means they can open if they want to run their businesses themselves or with limited staff to try to claw back some of the money lost over the last couple of months.”


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