Expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Almeria could be taking a dip in weeks as regional government calls for pools and beaches to reopen throughout region this month

ARGUMENT: The Junta points to a scientific report concluding pools are not Covid-19 infection focal points CREDIT: iha.com.es

EXPATS on the Costa del Sol and the Costa Almeria could be taking a dip in swimming pools and the Mediterranean in just weeks, if the Junta de Andalucia gets its way.

The regional government’s Crisis Committee has asked the Health Ministry to allow residential complex and public pools throughout Andalucia which comply with all the necessary health safety criteria to reopen on May 25.

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That is the date when if all goes according to plan all of the region’s eight provinces will move into phase two of the lockdown de-escalation. The administration wants beaches opened back up to bathers on the same day.

“There is a report from the CSIC Upper Council of Scientific Investigations which says that swimming pools are not Covid-19 infection focal points due to being chlorinated water, hence we believe that maintaining all the measures it will be possible to open them to the public”, explained Andalucia regional Health Minister Jesus Aguirre.

The Junta has also made some changes in regard to reopening beaches, It has now decided that it will be local councils which will establish the maximum number of people allowed on each of their municipalities’ beaches, taking into account each one’s characteristics. It will also be local authorities which decide on opening and closing times.

At the same time, councils will have to ensure implementation of health measures agreed between the local authorities and the Junta.


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