Change to authorised exercise times could be on the cards for expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Almeria

REMINDER: No hugging, the Andalucia regional Health minister reminded people visiting family CREDIT: Junta de Andalucía Twitter @AndaluciaJunta

CHANGES to authorised exercise times could be on the cards for expats on the Costa del Sol, the Costa Almeria and throughout Andalucia.

The regional government has asked the Spanish Health Ministry to give the go-ahead to modifications to the allotted time slots according to age for an hour a day’s walk or exercise.

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The Junta de Andalucia wants to make mornings for the elderly and from 2pm until midnight for families and children aged up to 14, and for everyone else to be allowed out when they want, but with the recommendation of wearing face masks at all times.

The Junta regional Health and Families minister Jesus Aguirre justified the proposed change on the basis of separating the most vulnerable group in terms of coronavirus infection, the over-70s, from kids, who could spread the virus.

Aguirre also put out a message about family visits.

Gatherings of up to 10 people in private homes or on terraces are permitted under phase one of the lockdown.

He called on people to be less “affectionate”, especially when children are taken to see grandparents, and to stick to social distancing.

“We must not hug parents, even though we haven’t seen them for a long time, nor grandparents or grandchildren. We have to protect them and all protect ourselves”, he said.


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