Beer Lovers in London Can Order Mobile Bar to Pull a Pint outside their Homes

One happy customer takes delivery Credit: Twitter

A SMALL brewery in East London (Forest Road Brewing Co) had a lot of kegs of beer and no customers able to purchase them so converted its van to become a mobile bar taking ice cold draught beer to people’s homes.

They offer a pint drawn from the keg on arrival at the property (always observing social distancing) in their specially branded glasses and customers can choose between Posh Lager, Work IPA or Easy Pale Ale all charged at £5 (€5.50) a pint.

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Orders are taken via WhatsApp and delivery is made in the East London area between 2pm and 6pm each day subject to availability and after all cleansing procedures have been undertaken.

So successful have they been, that they are now considering converting a second van.


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