Austria’s Vienna to boost recovery in hospitality sector by giving each household up to €50 to spend in local bars & restaurants – could Spain follow suit ask expats?

Vienna Town Hall is distributing coupons of up to 50 euros to approximately 950,000 homes across the country’s capital to encourage locals to start spending again at local bars & restaurants.

Vienna’s town hall has announced that it has distributed coupons of up to €50 to approximately 950,000 households in the country’s capital to encourage locals to start spending again at local bars and restaurants, in a bid to reactivate the hospitality industry after lockdown. 

THE authorities will distribute coupons of €50 to each household of several family members, while those who live alone will get around €25. The coupons can be used from tomorrow (Friday) – to coincide with the loosening of lockdown restrictions in the hospitality sector. But “they cannot be used to purchase alcoholic drinks,” stressed the town hall.

“We are fighting for the survival of each establishment and for each employee,” stated Vienna’s mayor Michael Ludwig. The town hall has invested a whopping €40 million into this plan to stimulate the city’s economy. Additionally the central government has invested around €500 million to reactivate the sector across the country.


According to the Vienna Town Hall’s estimates, the city has approximately 9,000 bars and restaurants, which generate an annual total income of around €1.4 billion.

Many expats in Spain now wonder if it’s an initiative that could be implemented by the Spanish government to kickstart an ailing hospitality and tourism sector across the country.


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