Argentine Football Coach Working in Gibraltar recovers from Covid-19 in Costa del Sol Hospital

Luis Blanco centre holding cup Credit: Luis Blanco

LUIS BLANCO, an Argentinian former footballer and now coach of Gibraltar Club Mons Calpe spent 37 days in the Costa del Sol Hospital Marbella, close to death, as he has caught the coronavirus, Covid-19.

In an interview with an Argentine TV programme, he explained that he had spent six days in a coma and 10 days in intensive care and actually dreamed that he had died.

He told the programme that he had complied with all of the social distancing recommendations, wearing masks and gloves and that none of his colleagues at the club had been infected.


Having seen other patients in the hospital die, he is very aware that it was thanks to the strength of his body and the treatment he received that put him on the road to recovery.

Now he just wants to be allowed to fly back to Argentina and see his family again.



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