A Number of Former Senior Conservative Politicians May still be Flogging a Dead Horse with Brexit

Lord Michael Heseltine Credit: Twitter

THE coronavirus, Covid-19 pandemic has quite naturally been the main point of news coverage throughout the world but a covey of former MPs want to bring Brexit back to the fore in the UK.mps

Lord Heseltine, Ken Clarke and Stephen Dorrell, all senior former Cabinet Ministers supported by many members of the House of Lords have joined the European Movement United Kingdom founded 70 years ago by Winston Churchill as an international movement that exists to promote European values and they want to encourage the current government to think again about Brexit.

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They argue that during the period of time that the pandemic continues that the British government should concentrate on saving the NHS, its staff and patients and to extend the departure date from the European Union from the end of this year.

Their current campaign therefore is based on the concept that a No Deal Brexit would be disastrous for a country already reeling from the worst financial devastation in living memory.

Certainly, their long-term hope is that Britain will remain within the EU, although this must be highly unlikely considering the huge majority that the government enjoys in the House of Commons.


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