WATCH: You’ve Goat to Be Kidding Me! Surreal Sights in Costa del Sol’s Malaga Man Caught By Police Walking His Goat


Lo que me acaban de pasar!😂😂😂😂madre miiia😂

Posted by Alejandro Aqua Sanchez on Sunday, May 10, 2020

THE young man alleged that his goat had gone missing a few days ago but he could not accredit this happening.

Assuredly, with quarantine forcing everyone to stay at home, this has caused some of the most surreal sights on the streets of Spain to be captured on camera, especially of those individuals trying to avoid lockdown.

This time the culprit was caught in Malaga’s Torre del Mar, a young man was caught by National Police whilst taking his domestic goat out for a walk around El Tomillar area near the Hospital Comarcal de la Axarquia.

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According to the police officers, the young man assured that the goat was indeed his but that he had gotten lost a few days ago. However, since the man had not reported the goat to be missing, they could not accredit this story. For this reason, they wanted to issue a sanction for not complying with the lockdown restrictions, which allows for animals to be taken on a walk but only dogs.

In the video, filmed by a nearby resident, you can clearly see how the officers identify the young man who was walking the goat with a lead and collar near the roundabout on Avenida Juan Carlos I.

In the end, they did not sanction him and he was let off with a warning although the goat was not too happy about leaving.


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