Social Media on Spain’s Costa del Sol happy to see an Immediate Response to Complaint about Mosquitos

The operative at work Credit: Facebook

IT was only on Saturday May 9 that a resident in the Xarblanca Urbanisation of Marbella posted a complaint on social media about what used to be a pleasant pond in the middle of the Xarblanca Park.

According to this person, even the ducks won’t go into the pond as it is so polluted with at least one dead bird, a great deal of dirt and because it is now stagnant, it is a breeding ground for mosquitos.

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Children are now returning to the park which is easily accessible and some of the wooden fencing around the pond is missing.

Impressively, someone on the Marbella Council must have read this complaint and within 48 hours a worker had arrived and started to treat the area in order to dispose of the mosquitos.


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