More towns join Operacion Potito guaranteeing adequate food for babies from families affected by the Covid-19 crisis

DONATION: Ensuring babies have an adequate diet, credit: Mezquita y Lagos council

ALMAYATE, Caleta and Mezquitilla y Lagos have now joined Operacion Potito (Baby Food).

They are joining forces with the Playas de Torre del Mar Running Club and the Velez-Malaga Red Cross to ensure that the area’s babies have an adequate diet at a time when their families are experiencing economic problems during the coronavirus epidemic.

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So far they have provided the organisers with 600 jars of baby food as well as 200 litres of milk as well as hundreds of yoghurts.

“The young are especially vulnerable and more so now in recent months,” said the Jose David Segura, the who heads Caleta Council, together with his counterparts from Mezquitilla y Lagos and Almayate.




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