Lockdown Phase one freedom in Spain’s holiday island Mallorca

Establishments are allowed to use public spaces to double terrace space for extra tables, where possible. CREDIT: pikist.com

AS from today Monday, Mallorca and all the Balearic Islands have moved into Phase one of the coronavirus crisis lockdown de-escalation, meaning an easing of some of the restrictions, but also some confusion over exactly what is open and what is now allowed.

New openings

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Open-air markets where local councils give the go-ahead, but with restrictions on stall numbers and no self-service, and shops up to 400sqms, but with restrictions on the number of customers at one time.

Also, by previous appointment, car dealerships, ITV stations and garden centres.

Bar, cafe and restaurant terraces, but with maximum occupancy of 50 per cent. No more than 10 people can gather at one table and there has to be a two-metre distance between tables.

Hotels and tourist accommodation establishments are free to open to overnight guests, but communal areas must remain out of bounds.

Museums and libraries can reopen, with limits on entry numbers.

Friends and family

Gatherings of up to 10 people in private homes or on terraces are permitted.

Religious services and funerals

Places of worship are allowed to open their doors, with capacity limited to 30 per cent.

Wakes with a maximum of 15 people are permitted if it’s open air and 10 in an enclosed area. Up to 15 people can take part in a funeral.

Private vehicle use and travel

All people living in the same household are allowed to travel within the same vehicle. If the occupants are not from the same household there is a maximum of two people per row of seats, with an obligation to wear a face mask and keep a distance from each other.

Travel is possible anywhere on the island.

It is now permitted to travel to and stay overnight in a second home, as long as it is in Mallorca.

On public transport wearing a face mask is obligatory. One seat should be left free next to every passenger and the row behind the driver.

Beach access

This is down to individual councils, and access is only for walks and exercise. Bathing and sunbathing are not allowed.


Pre-arranged, organised active and outdoor tourism excursions are allowed for groups of up to 10.

Boats can be take out for private leisure or sport activities, but are restricted to sailing between ports or points on the coast within the same municipality and to uninhabited nearby islands.

Exercise times

Time slots for an hour’s walk or outdoor exercise remain unchanged.

For adults this means from 6am to 10am and from 8pm to 11pm. The designated time for outings with children is from 12pm to 7pm. Over-70’s and people who need to go out with a carer have from 10am to 12pm and 7-8pm

The time slot restrictions do not apply in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants.



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