Just the sort of wee problem that people tend to forget about when they are talking on Zoom

ZOOM MEETINGS: The Moncloa has them but no mention made of comfort breaks, credit: Moncloa pool M Cuadrado

HASTILY suppressed laughter greeted Francisco Ignacio Delgado Bonilla as he returned from a short break during Velez-Malaga’s last Zoom council meeting.

The Partido Popular councillor was one of 24 councillors taking part in the meeting when at one point, Delgado Bonilla disappeared from the screen while another was speaking.

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Shortly afterwards, all taking part heard the unmistakable sound of somebody answering a call of nature.

The councillor finished his speech while the others taking part in the video-meeting did their best to contain their laughter without entirely succeeding, witnesses said.

Meanwhile, Delgado Bonilla returned to the Zoom meeting, happily unaware that his microphone was still on and everybody knew why he had momentarily disappeared and where he had gone.




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