Investigators suspect that the Vega de Salobreña fire which destroyed 18 hectares of land was not accidental

SALOBREÑA FIRE: Rekindled after initially extinguished, credit: Bomberos Motril

THE Vega de Salobreña fire that broke out at 5pm on May 7 was finally extinguished the following day at 11am.

The fire, which was rekindled by high winds after it was initially controlled on the first day, destroyed 18 hectares of land between the right bank of the River Guadalfeo and Motril’s Playa Grande.

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The fire also affected a house whose owner tried unsuccessfully to put it out and had to be evacuated from the property although without suffering personal injuries.

Investigators are now examining the scene to establish whether the fire originated in a bonfire that got out of hand, as this is the time of the year when undergrowth is generally burned.

Whoever was responsible would also have flouted quarantine, they commented.

“It’s more than obvious that this was not accidental,” Salobreña’s mayor Maria Eugenia Rufino declared to a radio interviewer.

Fires occur in the same zone at the same time each year, Rufino pointed out, and some “unscrupulous person” had taken advantage of the present circumstances to dodge police controls.


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