Health professionals’ union raises questions about the fate of dodgy out-of-date masks used since 2015

Tax of 21 per cent on an item that is now a necessity. Credit: Pixabay

THE CSIF Sanidad union called on the Axarquia Health Area management to investigate a consignment of out-of-date surgical masks.

The union, which represents public sector health workers, said that it had accessed a General Services Sub-directorate document revealing that 250,000 surgical masks received in 2015 during the Ebola crisis have been used since then.

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These included Confort Cover masks whose expiry date was August 2014, and CSIF has asked the Health Area management – who maintained that they were withdrawn three weeks ago – to investigate what happened to them.

The union stressed the importance of an investigation, stating that it would send a message of reassurance to worried health professionals.




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