Gibraltar Ministry for Heritage repaints Historic City Wall names

The Wellington Front Right Bastion renovation Credit: Gibraltar Government

IT is always important to remember that modern day Gibraltar was created from a fortress which changed hands many times until it became a British possession in the 18th century.

The Gibraltar Ministry for Heritage has recently undertaken a programme of works to repaint the fortification names of many of the City walls, bastions and batteries around the Rock.

Due to the fact that these signs are generally in prominent positions, they suffer from weather damage but because they tend to be quite high up on the walls, it requires extra work with scaffolding or the use of cherry pickers to renovate them making it logistically quite a difficult task.


Whilst this is a rolling programme with more than 120 fortifications, protected by the 2018 Heritage and Antiquities Act, priority has been given to some of the worst affected sites including Couvreport Battery, Prince Albert’s Front, and Wellington Front Right Bastion as well as Raglan’s Battery which had never been painted previously.


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