Euro Weekly News’ political opinion from Spain – Costa del Sol and Granada phased out

The President of the Andalucian Government, Juan Manuel Moreno Credit: Twitter

Euro Weekly News’ political opinion from Spain – Costa del Sol and Granada phased out.

Bring on the backlash.

SO, our worst fears came true and now the country is split. By allowing some areas to advance to Phase 1 and holding others like Malaga and Granada in Phase 0 the backlash has begun.

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The President of the Andalusian Government, Juan Manuel Moreno, has warned the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, of the “reputational damage” that the decision to leave the province of Malaga out of phase 1 of the de-escalation causes the brand of the Costa del Sol. It should be noted that tourism represents 12 per cent of the economy in Andalusia and 13 per cent of employment,

At the Conferencia de Presidentes on Sunday, Moreno aired his complaints about discriminatory treatment to Andalucia with the de-escalation and, in particular, these areas.

Preferential treatment? : The controversial phase map from the Ministerio de Sanidad
Credit: Lisbob

Some may say that the decision shows preference to the PNB, the party that keep Sanchez in government, it would also seem to favour the Alicante district which just so happens to be a PSOE area. PSOE is Sanchez party. The PP, who is the opposition party cover the Andalucian area.

Does this make it look more like a political strategy than a health strategy?

Also, if that is the case does that mean that political strategy is used to make other important decisions in Spain as opposed to what is better for the residents?

According to the Chairman of the Board, the proposal of its Executive to keep the health district in phase 0, was based on prudence.

Sánchez, defended the criteria for passing the phase “are those of the health emergency” and has advocated “depoliticising it” and “focusing on the criteria of scientific experts”. Therefore, Dr. Fernando Simón, the expert from the Ministry of Health, said on Saturday that he believes that “probably” Granada and Malaga will be able to go to phase 1 next week, “but all this requires that there be a request by the entire province.”


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