Expats in Spain are disturbed by censorship of Covid-19 Conspiracy video by Facebook and YouTube

Social Media decides that this is not for you. Credit: Twitter

THERE is a relatively thin line between censorship for the public good and censorship because content doesn’t suit an organisation or state.

Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo have been removing a 26-minute video, called Plandemic, said to be a trailer for a longer documentary which says that the Covid-19 outbreak was man made and the number of deaths is being falsified in order to control the population.

Different reasons are given for the removal of the video by social media platforms which range from ‘argument with third party over copyright’ to, ‘medically unsubstantiated diagnostic advice,’ to ‘unverified claims.’


On the face of things some of the claims such as using masks and gloves actually makes people sicker and that closing beaches is “insanity” because of “healing microbes” in the water are easily dismissed but censoring the piece could, ironically, make it more believable.

One of the main speakers in the video is Judy Mikovits who first came to fame in 2009 when she co-wrote a research paper that linked chronic fatigue syndrome to a retrovirus that came from mice.

Two years later her theory was disproved and she was sacked from the research company but since then has claimed in best-selling books that her research was true and that she was being victimised.

She now suggests that senior officials in the US Medical Departments acting on behalf of a gang of wealthy industrialists intentionally spread the virus to increase vaccination rates.

Conspiracy theories are just that, theories, but to deny viewers the opportunity to dismiss the claims for themselves suggests that there just might a Big Brother making decisions for you.


  1. Thank heavens someone from the mainstream media has finally spoken about the elephant in the room, the fact that there are dissenting voices and that they are being silenced and censored. If Dr Mikovits claims are untrue, then full exposure will show them to be, and people will dismiss them, if on the other hand….. evidence supports her, we need to know, and more importantly we need to stop it.

  2. The Governments and Media are closing ranks on the rising number of doctors, scientist and researchers who are coming forward with information about all the brainwashing and blinkering of the public. If there is nothing to hide why did Judy Mikovits go to prison for five years with a gagging order to keep her quiet?


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