Dramatic mountain rescue in Benidorm on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ALL HANDS ON DECK: Firefighters, police and the ambulance service were involved in the rescue. CREDIT: Bomberos Benidorm

Emergency services in Benidorm on Spain’s Costa Blanca have been praised for their ‘excellent teamwork’ after rescuing a mountain hiker who was injured in a fall in tricky terrain.

ALL emergency resources were mobilised yesterday around 8.45pm when a fellow walker made a distress call from the rural area of the Marxassos Partida Marxassos in Benidorm.

The woman had fallen and fractured the tibia of one leg, confirmed Benidorm firefighters.

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Emergencies 112 dispatched Provincial Firefighters from Benidorm Park, two light vehicles with their corresponding troops, as well as Local Police and SVB Ambulance and paramedics.

A Benidorm firefighter source said: “Due to the orography, firefighters took advantage of their off-terrain vehicles and accessed several rural roads until they reached about 500 meters away from the person.”

Equipped with a special stretcher for rescue in high mountains, they made their way on foot to the injured hiker where the medical team applied a vacuum splint to the fractured leg, before firefighters and police took over, getting the wounded woman to a fire engine.

She was then taken to the ambulance waiting below and transferred to the Comarcal Hospital in Villajoyosa.


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