British Expats in Benidorm on Spain’s Costa Blanca Forced to Wear Face Masks in Consum Supermarkets

Mask news displayed in Consum.

BRITISH expat shoppers in Benidorm and across Spain’s Costa Blanca area will soon be forced to wear face masks in Consum supermarkets across the region.

The Valencian chain has around 450 stores across the Costa Blanca, and it has announced that as from May 18, face mask wearing will be mandatory at all of their outlets.

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In preparation, Consum have said that they are selling packets of masks at €9, which are made of hygienic cloth and are reusable.

Consum have put up signs at their entrances outlining their policy change over the compulsory use of masks, which will now be worn in addition to gloves, and customers having to wash their hands with gel.

No other supermarket chains have so far announced that they are going to insist on mask wearing.

Consum is taking a very pro-active stance over staff safety during the coronavirus pandemic and two days ago (May 8), they started to take the temperature of all of their workers before they started their shifts.

They also kitted out all of their employees with protective goggles, in addition to the masks, gloves and disinfectant that they got provided with since the start of the Covid-19 crisis.


  1. How can you criticize that ? It makes sense to take all the precautions you can. Well done to Consum for looking out for staff and customers.


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