Beefed up health check at ports and airports in Spain’s holiday islands Mallorca and Ibiza

OBLIGATORY: Flight and ferry passengers will have to go through health controls on arrival. CREDIT: Govern Illes Baleares Twitter @goib

THE Balearic Island government is beefing up health controls on passengers at ports and airports from tomorrow onwards when Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca move into the first phase of the lockdown de-escalation.

The administration’s Health and Consumer department reported today Sunday that the government has passed a decree aimed at preventing coronavirus infection in view of an expected gradual increase in traffic.

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All passengers arriving by sea or by air will now have to have their temperatures taken, apart from on routes between islands in different lockdown phases, when the controls will be carried out at the port or airport of departure.

Passengers and crew will also have to fill out the same official screening questionnaire as used by the primary health care service. Should they have any symptoms compatible with Covid-19, they will be evaluated by health professionals.

The Balearic government also confirmed on Sunday that restrictions on travel between island and on connections with the mainland remain in place, and are only authorised for journeys to usual places of residence, for reasons of work or health, to care for the elderly or disabled or for similar circumstances.

At the same time, the administration said the movement into phase one of the easing of the lockdown restrictions could generate an increase in inter-island traffic as people travel due to their jobs.

In parallel to the Balearic declaration, the Transport Ministry published today in the Official State Bulletin an order allowing the return of passengers on inter-island ferry services and more flights between the islands.


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