WATCH: Police officers risk own lives in dramatic sea rescue on Gibraltar beach as strong currents drag down swimmers

RESCUE: Two officers and member of the public went into the water to fish out bathers struggling against undercurrents CREDIT: Royal Gib Police @RGPolice

OFFICERS with the Royal Gibraltar Police put their own lives at some considerable risk going into the sea to fish out swimmers struggling to save themselves from being dragged under the waves by strong undercurrents.

The force reported on social media that two of their officers, along with several members of the public, went to the rescue of two adults and two children in three separate incidents on beaches on the east side of the Rock on Friday.


“Fortunately, all three episodes ended well,” they said.

The police also hit back on Facebook at posts suggesting their decision to ban swimming on the eastern side beaches early on yesterday afternoon had been a “conspiracy” or “coincidental” or “fabricated.”

“We fully appreciate and understand everyone’s frustrations with lockdown restrictions in place during Covid-19,” the police said, reminding the public, “our officers are part of this community and have families too.”

They said they had “reluctantly prohibited swimming as per red flag rules,” pointing out access was still provided for exercise on land.


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