Travel Agent says UK Bookings Collapsing to Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca as Greece Steals Customers

Busier times on a Torrevieja beach in the Costa Blanca.

A TRAVEL AGENT says that UK bookings are collapsing to Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, as Greece is stealing customers from the country.

Rian Rodber told the Euro Weekly News that the news that key tourist areas will not see bars and restaurants reopening next week has not gone down well with clients.

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“It seems the news wasn’t welcoming of Spain not all fully reopening as bookings in the country’s holiday market has taken a large downturn in the last 48 hours,” said Rian.

“Sales to Spain have dropped by 43 per cent, whilst we’ve seen an increase of reservations to Greece by 32 per cent including an 8 per cent upturn to the island of Corfu.”

Rian concluded: “We don’t predict another spike in Spanish reservations until the news is more positive, possibly that could be next week?”


  1. On media where I am allowed to express an opinion, including my own news platform with 434,000 visits this year, I did voice concern that when the bill comes in the lockdown enthusiasts and the media that collapsed there would be howling and beating of the breasts. Sadly, you can’t fix stupidity. A pity the cynics and the truthers will feel the pain too.

  2. Spain are doing the correct thing with re opening bars ect . We all want to get back to normal but it takes time. I won’t be going on any HOLIDAY abroad this year,sitting on crowded plains with people who you don’t know. Stay at home spend your money in your own country and go away when it’s safe.


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