Spanish police bust gang of safe-crackers suspected of stealing gold bar and high-end jewellery during lockdown crime spree

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Spanish police have busted a gang of safe-crackers suspected of stealing a gold bar and high-end jewellery during a lockdown crime spree.

ACCORDING to National Police, the “highly professional” seven suspects specialised in overriding security systems using “frequency inhibitors and oxyfuel torches” to open safes.

They have been charged with seven burglaries in Zamora and Madrid.

The gang, all from Madrid targeted a jewellers, a DIY store and five companies before and during lockdown.


After sabotaging alarms they managed to steal €155,000, a gold bar and jewellery.

The investigation began in January after a company in Zamora was broken into and €90,000 in cash secured in a safe was stolen.

In March, the same gang is believed to have struck at a business in Rivas Vaciamadrid, where a 300-gram gold bar, valued at €11,000, 18 gold rings worth €2,500 and €1,800 in cash was taken.

The detainees are also charged with two attempted robberies at a jewellers and an advertising studio in the centre of Madrid, and are linked to a break-in last December where watches and other “high-end” items valued at more than €50,000 were taken from a safe.


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