Spain’s PM confirms holiday homeowners can now travel to SECOND residence in Phase 1 of de-escalation

Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez acknowledged "Madrid’s efforts” to combat Covid-19, however he called for “caution" before moving to the next stage.

In today’s press conference, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez confirmed that citizens can now, in fact, travel to their second home under Phase 1, provided they are located in the same province as their primary residence.

THIS cleared up earlier confusion about whether it was possible to travel to a holiday home, when Health Ministry officials stated that travel to second homes would actually not be possible until Phase 2.

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However, Sánchez clarified the matter this afternoon to allow people to travel to a second home if it’s located in the same province as their primary residence. He also added that under Phase 1, “citizens will also be able to travel to hotels and tourist accommodation in their own province,” so long as the use of common areas, such as dining/buffet areas, sports facities, etc, were off-limits.




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