Rigid restrictions for hotels on Spain’s Costa Blanca as part of the region moves into Phase 1 of de-escalation

HOTEL MEASURES: Pools and gyms will be off limits under Phase 1.

Hotels and tourist accommodation on parts of Spain’s Costa Blanca can reopen on Monday in Phase 1 of the de-escalation process, but with rigid restrictions.

MARINA BAIXA, which includes Benidorm, Orihuela, and Torrevieja are among the health districts in Valencia Community which have moved into the first phase of the country’s relaxation of lockdown process.

And while this is news the hospitality industry has been waiting for, it doesn’t come without restrictions.

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Spain’s Official State Bulletin (BOE) this morning outlined what this means for the hotel and tourist accomodation sector.

While they can open reopen, the use of swimming pools, spas, gyms, children’s areas, event rooms, mini clubs and discos will not be allowed.

Common areas will have to remain closed, though “a catering service and any other service necessary for the correct provision of accommodation” can be provided.

In reception areas, a distance of two metres between workers and clients must be ensured. And if this isn’t possible, “protective equipment appropriate to the level of risk should be used.”

At customer service points where there are expected to be crowds or queues, these distance requirements must be marked on the floor so that the minimum of two metres between people is respected.

All objects must be disinfected after handling by guests and staff and hydroalcoholic gels or disinfectants have to be provided.

Hotels must provide a “documented cleaning procedure” for all rooms, in accordance with the general prevention and hygiene measures against Covid-19 indicated by health authorities.

These include waste removal, if this is a service offered, the cleaning of rooms before and after each guest, the order in which it should be done, what material and chemical product should be used, and the provision of appropriate protective equipment “for the level of risk to be used in each task.”

Before any establishment reopens, it will be necessary to deep clean and disinfect all facilities, including transit areas, service areas, bedrooms.

And objects and surfaces in the transit areas likely to be handled or contaminated, such as lift or machine controls, stairway handrails, door handles, doorbells and taps in shared toilets must be cleaned and disinfected at least every two hours.

Initial clients are likely to be workers in need of accommodation and as restrictions are lifted, domestic tourists.

Welcoming international holidaymakers is still a long way off.


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