Confusion Reigns as UK Residents are Baffled over Travelling in Spain’s Costa Blanca


CONFUSION reigns as UK residents are baffled over rules for travel between different towns in Spain’s Costa Blanca from this Monday (May 11).

That’s the day that parts of the region enter Phase 1 of a reduction of State of Alarm laws, allowing more freedom to meet people and to use businesses like bars and restaurants.

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The water has been muddied locally as health department areas in the Costa Blanca will be in different phases.

That means that the Marina Baixa, Orihuela and Torrevieja health areas have been given the all-clear, whilst the biggest population centres of Alicante and Elche have been stopped from going ahead.

This leads to a situation where people are wondering what kind of travelling between different municipalities in Phase 1 areas will be allowed, if at all.

Under the State of Alarm, you could essentially only leave your own locality for urgent medical reasons or to buy important items that could be not purchased close to your home.

Because the Costa Blanca lies within Alicante Province, and there are different stages of lockdown reduction within the Province, it’s unclear where people will stand in Phase 1 areas.

The rules from the Spanish government make it clear that if an entire province goes into Phase 1, then there will be freedom of movement within that province, but residents would not be able to leave the confines of the region.

The question is whether freedom of movement will be allowed within Phase 1 areas for people to travel between, as examples, Benidorm and Villajoyosa, or Torrevieja to Orihuela.

Some clarification is expected this weekend from the Madrid government and Valencian authorities.


  1. Only 1 real question. Does phase 1 allow husband and wife who are residing together travel in the same car in phase 1 areas? (

  2. What will it take for some people to tell the difference between an arbitrary ‘encarceration’, and a protective ‘lockdown’? Yes, it’s sad to see the suffering that this pandemic has caused for millions! Yes, it’s dreadful to lose your means of living, one feels very sorry for families in such situations. Does a riot anywhere change the threat from the pandemic? Humans don’t have the complete solution anywhere, they are trying to cope with the situation!

  3. I live in Javea and I need to travel to Torrevieja on 12 May for a hospital appointment is this permitted? Both towns are in the Alicante Province. Also is my wife allowed to travel with me.
    Thank you👍

    • I have a hairdresser appointment in la marina and would be travelling from catral on the 12th may, is this journey still allowed as not very clear ? Would appreciate any help.

  4. This situation is made so much worse by allowing the Police to ‘interpret’ rules… and also the bias that Madrid maintains for certain provinces over others. Add to this the complete lack of common sense in the ‘rules’ coming from the government and you have a recipe for total confusion. And of course what has actually happened to the EU in its time of need? Exactly what to might expect to happen with a glorified money club essentially designed to benefit Germany above all others ….

  5. Well put sir Michael White,could have put it better myself.
    The rules and regulations are not clear and need to be made so.
    My thoughts are,the confusion may be on purpose as i believe the ‘fine total so far’out ways any other period in the past.
    Thanks for your honest post sir M/W
    M A S


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