Battle action against mosquito swarms in Mojacar and seaside towns on Spain’s Costa Almeria

FOCAL POINT: Fumigations in Mojacar had focused particularly on the Rio Abajo area CREDIT: Mojacar Informa Facebook

HEAVY rains in recent months followed by exceptionally high temperatures for the time of year have provided the perfect conditions for the proliferation of mosquitos on the Costa Almeria, prompting local councils to take battle action against the pesky insects.

The Mojacar, Pulpi and Vera administrations have all been carrying out fumigations to try and prevent mosquito plagues.

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Pulpi Council said the increase in areas of wetland and the difficulties in maintaining private pools under the lockdown restrictions on movements had also contributed to the appearance of mozzies in its municipality.

The administration reported it has used an organic biocide, which is mixed with water and attacks mosquito larvae without harming other species of insects.

One of the key areas in Mojacar getting the fumigation treatment was Rio Abajo between Marina de la Torre and the main beachside strip, which every year is the municipality’s principal focal point for the insects.

Vera too has intensified its mosquito fumigation campaign, especially along the coast in the marshland area around the river Antas estuary.


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