War is being waged on mosquitoes in Costa Blanca’s El Campello

RISE IN POPULATIONS: Costa Blanca town is stepping up fumigation. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de El Campello

War is being waged on mosquitoes in El Campello on the Costa Blanca as rain and high temperatures leave residents plagued by a rise in populations.

The council said: “Due to recent episodes of heavy rains followed by rising temperatures, mosquito populations have increased in El Campello.

“For this reason, the Public Health Department has ordered that over the next few days the company Lokímica, which has been awarded the contract for the antivectorial health treatment service, will reinforce the treatment against mosquitoes.”

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Fumigation efforts will be concentrated at the mouth of the Río Seco, as well as all the residential areas. And the council is calling on the public to do its bit to combat the pest problem.

“In controlling the proliferation of mosquitoes, the maintenance of private areas is of great importance, since, especially the Tiger Mosquito, needs very little water to deposit its eggs.

“So it is important to take certain precautions such as avoiding leaving out containers that can accumulate stagnant water, and carry out proper maintenance of swimming pools and ponds.”

Euro Weekly News recently reported that a lack of maintenance, money, and a shortage of workers has led to thousands of swimming pools around the coast turning green and attracting the now seasonal Tiger species.

It is well-known that mosquitoes can harbour and transfer a multitude of diseases, some fatal, and residents feared getting stung incase it could lead to a Covid-19 infection.

But while the pathogens mosquitoes spread by sucking blood cause over half a million deaths each year and hundreds of millions of cases of severe illness, there is no scientific evidence so far collected to suggest mosquitoes are transmitting SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.

Mosquitoes use puddles or pools of stagnant water to lay their eggs; these eggs grow into squirming larvae then eventually big nasty biting mosquitoes.
The key to prevention is keeping a healthy pool. Most sanitation products like chlorine will not kill the mosquito but it will inhibit larvae growth.
Seeking professional advice is recommended before using chemicals or any other product that could cause harm.


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