Two Lunatics Hammered Nails into a Road to try to Cause an Accident in La Rioja, Spain

Large nails could have caused major damage Credit: Guardia Civil

WHEN a Guardia Civil patrol in Aleson (La Rioja) spotted two individuals on the side of a main road running away as soon as the officers arrived, they gave chase and stopped the couple.

After searching them, the officers discovered that they were in possession of illegal drugs, but more importantly found that they had a large hammer and 20 nails.

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When they were taken back to the area from which they had fled, the officers then found 21 nails of similar size hammered into the asphalt and another 33 pushed through cardboard that had been glued to the road.

Should any car have run over these nails there could have been a very serious accident and both were arrested for placing these objects in the road as well as being denounced for both the possession of the drugs and for being out in public when they should have been under confinement.


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