Streets pedestrianised to avoid crowds in Costa Blanca’s Albir

ALBIR LIGHTHOUSE PATH: Surveillence will be stepped up. CREDIT: Ayuntamient de Alfaz del Pi

Albir promenade and main street will be pedestrianised this weekend and survellience stepped up at popular areas to avoid crowds during de-escalation walks and individual sport.

THE beach remains closed, as do the sports facilities, and to try to ensure social distancing, Calle Federico García Lorca and the Paseo de las Estrellas will be no-go zones for cars to make it possible to maintain the safety and social hygiene distance of one and a half metres.

Councillor for Public Safety, Toni Such, reminded that only group sports are not allowed and walks can only be taken once a day.

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Such appealed “to the prudence and common sense of each person, abiding by the time slots regulated by the Ministry of Health”, according to the activity and age of each person.

He said: “The confinement has not ended as there is still a danger of the spread of COVID-19”.

From tomorrow morning (Saturday, May 9) surveillance will be stepped up.

Local Police and Civil Protection will monitor popular sites for walks and sports – such as the path to Albir lighthouse – paying particular attention to compliance with the different time slots established.

*Timetables and conditions for outings in the urban area of Albir:

Individual sport –  once a day, between 6am and 10am, or 8pm and 11pm.

Walks for over 14-year-olds – once a day, 1km from the home between the hours stated above. These walks can be done with a person you live with.

Walks for people over 70-years-old or dependent people – once a day, 1km from the home, between 10am and 12noon, or 7pm and 8pm. People who need to be accompanied can also go out within these hours.

Walks for children under 14-years-old – Maximum of three children and one adult, one hour a day and no more than 1km from home, between 12noon and 7pm.


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