Spain’s Marbella on Costa del Sol to separate routes for pedestrians & cyclists to avoid overcrowding & accidents

NEW NORMAL: Certain restrictions will still apply. CREDIT: File pic

Marbella’s Town Hall has announced today that it will introduce new routes to separate pedestrians from cyclists on beach promenades to avoid the overcrowding and accidents that have occurred since the lockdown measures were eased last weekend.

FROM this weekend, it will introduce several measures to help avoid overcrowding during lockdown outings. For example, cyclists will be prohibited from accessing several parts of Marbella’s beach promenades to create more space, and generally provide a safer experience, for walkers and runners, particularly during the busier weekends, confirmed Marbella Town Hall.

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The town hall, however, announced new routes for cyclists. There will be an alternative route of around 2,840 metres for cyclists, in the direction of Malaga, as well as alternative routes throughout the city, according to the town hall. On some of these alternative routes, it will allow “cyclists, scooters and skate boarders to travel up to 15km per hour.” However, motorised vehicles will be prohibited from using these alternative routes, as well as minors under 14.

Marbella’s Town Hall will start to erect new signs and routes from tomorrow to provide improved guidance for both cyclists and pedestrians. “There will also be signs to remind pedestrians to maintain a 1.5-metre distance between other walkers/runners,” it added.


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