Probable Triumph for those against Bullfighting as Spanish Government makes no mention of Support

The Minister of Culture announced the news

ON Thursday May 6, the Spanish Council of Ministers approved a Royal Decree (Law) and announced a package of measures to support the cultural sector in dealing with the situation arising from Covid-19 with financial aid in the form of €76.4 million.

Although the Minister of Culture, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes stressed whilst announcing this that they were not going to “leave anyone behind,” when he explained who would receive support there was no mention of the bullfighting industry despite heavy lobbying on their behalf.

In his speech he specifically mentioned theatre, dance, music, circus, cinema, audio visual production, bookstores and the fine arts so animal activists wait to see whether this was an oversight or a deliberate decision by Central Government.


This does not mean the end of bullfighting as many local and provincial councils do make financial contributions what is considered by many to be part of Spain’s history and culture but the industry has suffered financially during the lockdown.


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