Pensioner injured in ‘exchange of fire’ with police after barricading himself in his home in Valladolid, Spain, will be remanded into custody on release from hospital

REMANDED: Pensioner will be transferred into custody on discharge from hospital.


An elderly man who barricaded himself in his Valladolid home in Spain on Sunday morning, before being involved in ‘exchange of fire’ with police, will be remanded into custody on discharge from hospital.

AS Euro Weekly News reported at the time, police spent hours trying to talk the pensioner down from his balcony in Las Delicias, after he reportedly locked himself in with two rifles.

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It has since emerged he allegedly fired several more shots at the police.

Today, the Court of Instruction 6 of Valladolid ordered the pensioner be remanded into custody once he is discharged from hospital, where he is being treated after being wounded during the incident, according to court sources.

The judge “established his admission to prison without having been able to take his statement, as he continues to be unable to do so.”

And in accordance with the law, has convened a new hearing to take the detained’s statement within 72 hours.

The armed octogenarian barricaded himself in his home for four hours at the weekend, and was “arrested with some injuries after an exchange of fire with a unit of the Special Operations Group (GEO).”

According to sources at the Government Sub-Delegation in Valladolid, the pensioner fired a dozen shots from his penthouse in Calle Embajadores.

He began shooting at about 10am for “unknown reasons” and remained in the house armed, apparently with two hunting guns.

Initially, a ‘negotiator’ from the police and a relative of the man tried to talk him down without success, so a unit of the Special Operative Group based in Guadalajara was called in around 1.15pm.

Approximately one hour later, three shots were heard after the officers of the special unit shouted from the street for him to drop his weapon, and then requested the assistance of the medical teams waiting outside the property.

Sources claim the assailant was wounded in the exchange of fire and was evacuated to a nearby hospital.


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