Gibraltar announces Further Relaxation of Lockdown Measures for those under 70


WHEN the lockdown on the Rock was first commenced it was considered important to limit the number of people allowed out of their homes.

The main exemptions to the lockdown were for the purposes of exercise, walking a dog, using a car or vessel and any of these activities could be undertaken by members of the same household up to a maximum of four people.

As the Gibraltar government moves towards taking measures to gradually relax the lockdown, and after having taken public health advice, the number of people in the household who can now undertake these four specifies activities is no longer capped at four people and it can include all members of the same household.


These activities remain limited to people from the same household, ie people who reside together (as opposed to people in the same family who do not live together) and social distancing from other families should be maintained.

This is particularly important as today (May 8) is a public holiday in Gibraltar and many will be out and about celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day both on the land and at sea which has prompted the Captain of the Port to remind recreational craft users not to “get together” while out at sea and to observe social distancing whilst anchored offshore.



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