France’s travel and transport rules to change from Monday 11 as country eases out of lockdown

France to lift limit on train seat sales from mid-June Credit: Shutterstock

France’s travel and transport rules to change from Monday 11 as country eases out of lockdown.

FRENCH travel and transport rules are set to relax from Monday 11, though some restrictions remain in place.
The general rule will be a return to more normal daily activity, with no need for any documentation of evidence that you need to leave the home, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on Thursday.
However, there will be new documentation that you should take if leaving on a trip of 100km or more.
Available from the Interior Ministry’s website, and in a digital format for smartphones, these will require you to indicate a specific work or family reason.
For work, any trip necessary for your job may be acceptable, however, family trips should be limited to for example visiting someone who is seriously ill or is in urgent need of assistance, or because of a death in the family.
There are likely to be checks in stations, on major roads and at arrival points into tourist destinations.
It will be possible to travel as far as you wish inside your own area, but you should carry proof of address as breaching the rules will be subject to a €135 fine.
Public transport schedules will be increasing during May. It will be obligatory for those aged over 11 to wear masks on public transport. Underground, bus and local train services will be running at around half the normal frequency from Monday and will be back to normal by June. However, so as to reduce pressure on public transport people should continue to work from home if possible and employers will be asked to try to space out workers’ arrival and departure times.
Rules on international travel are not expected to change in May. Borders will remain closed until further notice.


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