Poachers tracked down on Spain’s Costa Almeria for illegal gun ownership

SIEZED: Guardia officers found weapons and a bloodied wild boar snout CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

A PAIR of poachers caught breaking lockdown restrictions in Seron are facing a series of charges, among them illegal gun ownership.

Guardia Civil officers were checking out reports of a vehicle seen a number of times in a forested area in the Belluga area.

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The two men in the car had on the kind of clothing usually worn by hunters and had a hunting dog with them.

A search of the vehicle revealed they had in the back a bag of machetes, axes and the remains of a wild boar snout with fresh blood on it stuffed inside another bag.

The officers also found in a hidden compartment a rifle with a telescopic sight and a folding butt, loaded and ready to fire with a cartridge only permitted in sport shooting activities.

On top of this, it turned out the two men had no documentation for the dog.

The Guardia detained 29-year-old JOF from Albox and 47-year-old JEP from Macael for flora and fauna protection violations and for illegal gun ownership.


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