Green light for ‘historic’ coronavirus crisis economic recovery plan for Spain’s Costa Almeria

CONSENSUS: There was unanimous approval for the more than €111,000,000 plans. CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

MAJOR plans to stimulate the social and economic recovery of Almeria from the severe blow dealt by the coronavirus crisis got the green light to go ahead this week at what the provincial government described as the most important plenary meeting in its history.

There was essentially across the broad political consensus at Wednesday’s video conference meeting on the six investment programmes designed to pull the province out of the situation created by the Covid-19 health emergency.

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The more than €111,000,000 of Diputacion de Almeria assistance is aimed at helping the self-employed, businesses, municipalities and the most vulnerable sections of society, explained government spokesman, Fernando Gimenez.

He pointed out it includes investing in towns and villages, financing local authorities’ costs stemming from coronavirus, re-establishing construction companies’ activity, and promoting tourism, trade, culture, cinema and Almeria products.

“It is a matter of pride as an institution to bring ‘Plan Almeria’ to this plenary meeting, which has contributions from all the province’s political groups, economic and social agents, professionals and mayors,” Gimenez told the deputies.

“This plan is dynamic and will continue to grow in contributions and funds because the objective is for it to be a plan for all Almerians,” he added.

He also explained the plan had meant a complete restructuring of the administration’s budget approved in November in order to direct all efforts at the recovery of the province.

“This plan has a sufficient judicial and legal base for it to be a reality today,” the Diputacion spokesman maintained, underlining the urgency of addressing the situation created by the coronavirus crisis for many households, businesses and local authorities.

“Almerians have our commitment to carrying on expanding it and looking for funding if necessary,” he affirmed.

“It was born from a premise of helping and to continue doing so.

“The Diputacion is with Almeria and we are going to continue to be, so that nobody is left behind and together we will recover this province.”

Diputacion President Javier A Garcia thanked all the political groups for backing a plan he said is so “Almeria can be Almeria again.”

He commented, “Today is a historic day because thanks to the consensus the most important plan in the history of the Diputacion sees the light.

“It is our road map for the de-escalation and will allow Almeria to once again be the economic and social motor of Andalucia.”


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