Costa Blanca experts helping health workers across Spain cope with the ‘day to day’ stress during the pandemic

CARING FOR CARERS: Costa Blanca association offering support for health workers. CREDIT; File photo

A Costa Blanca association is supporting health workers across Spain during the coronavirus pandemic.

BASED in Alfaz del Pi ‘El Jardín de Esther’ has been giving free mindfulness workshops followed by 30 health professionals from different areas of Spain.

One of the promoters, Daniel Mendialdua, a sociology graduate and mindfulness instructor, said the initiative has been “very positive,” both in the response and the information obtained.

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“The most important objective has been achieved, which is to help those who are helping us the most to stop the Covid-19 pandemic, by providing a place for deep rest, after the emotional stress to which they are subjected,” and providing useful tools to cope with the day to day situation, explained Daniel.

Alfaz councillor for Health, Marisa Cortés, said: “It is good to know that an association from Alfaz, made up of specialists in caring for people who care for others, has got down to work and is giving such useful and necessary workshops in an altruistic way.”

David and all the members of El Jardín de Esther, are now considering starting a new workshop, dedicated to family members who live together and care for patients with different diseases.

The association is mostly made up of professionals who work at the Universities of Alicante and Miguel Hernández in Elche.

“Mindfulness can help improve the ability to maintain perspective, gain greater acceptance of pain, find vitality and inner peace, and release stress and anxiety,” said Daniel.

He added: “Mindfulness seeks, through meditation, to achieve a state of full consciousness in the present moment, generating unbiased observation and freeing the mind from harmful thoughts.

“By integrating mindfulness into their daily lives, patients will learn useful techniques for cognitive pain control, stress reduction and tension relief. They will also enhance self-care and self-awareness of their own body.”

The association is happy to answer queries by emailing:


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