Beach flouters force stepped up security in El Campello on the Costa Blanca North

RELAXED ATTITUDE: EL Campello Council says there's been a rise in breaches in last few days. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de El Campello

Police in El Campello are stepping up patrols and warning ID will must be carried as the town sees a hike in sunseekers breaching confinement measures to go to the beach.

THE council said over the last few days, there appears to a “certain relaxation” with regards to “respecting the rules of confinement.”

“The number of people proposed for government sanction for this reason by the Local Police of El Campello now stands at 320, which is considered a significant increase in the last five days,” the council said in a statement.

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“These are people who have evaded mandatory confinement without just cause.

“Almost all of the latest sanctions have been for going into the sea to swim or for laying on the beach in the sun, activities that are prohibited even though the sands and coves are open to the public.”

The council stressed their use is limited to walks with children under 14 years of age accompanied by an adult.

The local authority and the police are calling for “citizen collaboration to stop this escalation of violations.”

Meanwhile, police controls on beaches and coves will be stepped up, and identification will be checked.

The council warned: “The police are there to detect irregular behaviour, identify offenders and propose sanctions which can range from €600 to €30,000.”



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