An ‘A list’ of Celebrities including Madonna, Robert de Niro, Cate Blanchett and Jane Fonda call for a ‘Return to Normal’ in a post-Covid-19 world


More than 200 celebrities and scientists are calling for the world NOT to ‘return to normal’ after Covid-19 lockdowns and to stop ‘the pursuit of consumerism’

A HOST of celebrities from the showbiz world including Madonna, Robert de Niro and a clutch of Scientific Nobel Prize winners have called for radical change in the world rather than ‘a return to normal’ after the coronavirus lockdowns.

‘Material Girl’ Madonna was among 200 people who signed the open letter calling on leaders to use the coronavirus crisis to change the way we live.

Hollywood stars including Cate Blanchett, Jane Fonda, Marion Cotillard, and Monica Bellucci also added their names to the list. The signatories are pleading for an end to unbridled consumerism and a ‘radical transformation’ of economies to help save the planet.

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The movement has been penned and led by actress Juliette Binoche and astrophysicist Aurélien Barrau. The letter comes as several global economies begin easing lockdown measures, which some health experts have warned could spark a ‘second wave’ of the virus.



  1. Thse celebrities are the very example of over consumption. They spend million on mansions, yatch, private jets, spend thousand and thousand on designer products and live lavish lives. They have no shame to come and preach to us thenormal people not to live a normal life of progress.

  2. I see that Madonna knows economics? As someone who makes millions says that you have to press the belt. They must go back to normal. The horse would laugh. Who told them that? Bael?

  3. F listers imho!! Def NOT A LIST in my book… Just a bunch of Crazy people…
    Stop supporting these people….with your $$
    Allow them to live in the REAL WORLD….


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