Top Swedish Expert Expresses Surprise at the Number of Covid-19 Fatalities in his Country

The interview with Trevor Noah Credit: YouTube

IN a televised interview yesterday (May 5) in the USA, Anders Tegnell head of Sweden’s coronavirus response told South African host Trevor Noah that the countries death toll had “come as a surprise.”

Whilst he admitted that he was worried about the deaths, he still believed that the Swedish strategy of no major lockdown had been successful.

He denied that the decision to allow people to mix and work with no fixed social distancing was not a deliberate decision to encourage higher deaths and said the toll was not part of the plan.


Of the 2,700 deaths (more than 10 per cent of those infected) around half had occurred in nursing homes and although those had been closed to visitors, they had clearly not been successful.

He also said referring to nursing homes, “It’s very difficult to keep the disease away from there. Even if we are doing our best, it’s obviously not enough.”

Adding, “We are not putting anybody’s lives above everybody else’s lives, that’s not the way we’re working.”

The Swedish figures are generally much worse than other Nordic countries and the government there has been criticised for its policy.


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