Euro Weekly News asks readers to vote for their ‘Community Hero’ and help reward them for hard work amid Coronavirus crisis.

Why not treat your community hero? Credit: Shutterstock

Euro Weekly News asks readers to vote for their ‘Community Hero’ and help reward them for hard work amid Coronavirus crisis.

TO show our support to both the fantastic people who have kept this community together during these trying times and the local businesses who are set to reopen on Monday, May 11 Euro Weekly News would like to reward these groups.



So, we are asking you, the reader, to nominate your own ‘Community Hero.’ Who has gone out of their way to provide for others? Who has helped make these frightening times more bearable? Who deserves some pampering?

All nominations to be sent to [email protected] with your reason for nominating your hero.

A show of support.
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The winner will then receive €200 to spend locally in small local businesses that need it the most. If your Community Hero needs a haircut, beard trim, foot massage, pedicure or a lovely lunch then you tell us where and we will pay it for them.

Also, to give local businesses a head start we would like to offer you a free small advert in the Euro Weekly News to assist you with your reopening and to let your customers know that you are back and raring to go. Should you wish to do this please contact [email protected] to discuss it further.

The ease of lockdown need not be the time to ease off what we have built over the last two months. Our community needs us and we can help it survive, together.



  1. I would like to nominate Adrian Cockings from the Covid information page for the most helpful information during this pandemic. It was something that we could rely on every day,

  2. I WOULD LIKE TO NOMINATE Adrian and Paloma Cockings. They have been our lifeline to understanding the FACTS and not the FAKE NEWS during our lockdown confinement. They have both tirelessly researched and translated and updated all us ex-pats despite having their new addition of Lily to their family at just 3 months old. Such a young baby’s demands alone are such that I’m not sure how they actually found the time to do what they have done for us, they certainly went above and beyond providing us all with the facts as in addition they also assisted us with all our constant personal messages replying all hours of the day and night. They have freely given up many many hours of their family time for others without any recompense. You only need to spend an hour or three reading the fabulous reviews they received each day to know what a lifeline they are. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE recognise their efforts as I can think of no one better to receive your award. Certainly in years to come the name COCKINGS will forever be the link in my memory of CORONA VIRUS. Without Adrian and Palomas help we would not have found the necessary information to ensure we complied with the decree.

  3. I would like to nominate Adrian and Paloma Cockings for all the work they put into the video they did every day with factual information They really cared about getting all the news out to us and all facts, no fake news, which was all about no good to anyone, he was so easy to listen to and I think he deserves to have an award for all his work.


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